Travel infinity scarves

Our travel infinity scarves are our most popular item and for good reason! The best feature is the hidden pocket with invisible zipper that allows you to tuck away any small personal items. Ladies, this is great when you have to make a trip to the ladies room and want to tuck your “personal items” to keep them private…wink wink…
Travelers love keeping their passports close and safely tucked away. You will no longer have to worry about losing your passport in your bag or even worse, have it stolen out of your carry on. Not only will you look fabulous, you’ll also have peace of mind.

The scarves are unisex and we will take custom orders. These were a delightful gift at Christmas time. We are working on some Spring colors that will be sure to please everyone’s taste in style.

Keep checking back for more little additions to our collection. We also just added our adorable little army hats for kids! Please feel free to share with all your friends because “sharing is caring”. 😉

All the best,
Maycee and Me